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Crappy Has Arrived

Mr Crappy Lord

Well Well Well then guys. Mr Crappy Lord has actually arrived.

This is the truth about what is truely crap of planet earth. If you are wondering if there really is an underlying cause to all of the pain and suffering that this planet is currently undergoing? Well! There certainly is.

Follow Crappy as he and the team take you into the darkest depths of evil imaginable. If we told you that the Nazi Party where not just knocking at your door, but in fact were in the class room sitting right on top of your child, you certainly would not find this to be true.

Look no further. You are going to find yourself truely shocked. But this may be the shock that wakes you up and brings you out of the lie that is destroying the future leaders of this planet. They are at your front door, in your class room and for many, right inside the front door.

Follow our journey and we hope to help you rise above this and give you and your children the protection that you truely need.

Know your rights!

Your Truely,

Mr Crappy Lord

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