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Global markets are finally getting spooked by Trump’s trade war

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Global markets are once again worried about the impact of Trump’s trade war.
Chinese stocks dropped sharply overnight, with losses then spreading to Europe.
Major indexes on the continent are seeing losses of more than 1%.
US Futures are also pointing lower, with the Nasdaq set to lose 1% at the opening bell.
You can follow global market developments at Markets Insider.

The escalation of trade tensions between the US, China, and numerous other major economies, is having a significant negative impact on financial markets across the world on Wednesday, with China’s stock market bearing the brunt of the pain.

China’s benchmark share index, the Shanghai Composite, dropped 1.1% on Wednesday — leaving it nursing losses of 22% from its most recent high, extending the bear market it entered at the beginning of the week. Bear markets are characterised by a fall of 20% or more from a high.See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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